Where Will VO Take You?

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Careers

russoFunny, the things that develop along the way to your success in voice-acting.

Among the unexpected tangents that shot off my main vector:  Social Media, audiobooks, blogging, and more.

I love seeing what happens in others’ careers too.

Take Ashley Russo, for instance.  I first met Ashley at a Pat Fraley Saturday workshop at Voice Trax West Recording Studio.  At the time, she was developing her voice-acting skills in animation, video games, and cartoons.  Pretty amazing voice, really.

Then….off the radar for a while, until… she contacted me as one of the people developing new programs at VoiceRegistry.  If you participate in their weekend workout, you have Ashley to thank (in part) for getting that off the ground, and she was in a video interview I did with her in this blog.  See:  VoiceRegistry’s Russo:  Big Things Coming.

Then, silence again for a while until just a few weeks ago when I ran into her at the SAG Foundation Poker Tournament.  We had the briefest of conversations, in which she told me she had something BIG in the works, and she wanted to tell me about it.  I lost track of her in the milieu and never heard her BIG news.

But now I know, and you should too.

Russo is joining forces with Edge Studio (isn’t everybody these days?). She’s on their growing team as an education advisor..working from the West Coast to build the studio’s LA presence.

Of the move, Russo says:  “I’m inspired and excited to work for a growing organization with a phenomenal reputation. Their integrity combined with their vision and strong infrastructure, ensure that our new programs will make a significant difference for voice actors, agents, and casting directors.”

Yeah, yeah…I know…it’s a canned statement, but really, doesn’t it make it more fun to know there’s a real human being behind it?…someone who is just taking advantage of her skills OTHER than VO to help others, and make a little something for herself in the process?

To see the full announcement from Edge Studio about Ashley’s BIG move, read here:  Ashley Russo Press Release.

What else besides voice-acting are YOU doing in voice-acting (does that make sense?)?




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