VoiceRegistry’s Russo: Big Things Coming!

by | Dec 6, 2012 | Subscription Services, Web Resources

VoiceBank, and it’s twin sister: VoiceRegistry are a 1-2 punch-of-a-resource for voice actors.  No other site offers what they do, and it’d be easy to forget they’re there.  Of late, they’ve upped their profile as the sponsor of many a voiceover event, notably their support of FaffCon.

Agents, Producers, Booking agents, directors, and anyone seeking professional talent has used VoiceBank for years to peruse available voices to fill their needs.  To be listed there, an agent has to post your demo.

VoiceRegistry is the St. Paul to VoiceBank’s Minneapolis.  VoiceRegistry more caters to the needs of the voice talent.  The site is free, but for just $7 (soon to be $10—but still a steal), you can sign up for VR’s “Weekend Workout”. In the workout, a notice is sent to you to audition with some sample copy each week.  You record, and upload your audition to the site…and within the weekend, a top agent or director will return comments to every single person who auditioned.  Imagine!  Feedback on our work!

Here’s the real cool thing about the Weekend Workout, though: these top directors, and producers who screen the auditions are always LOOKING for new talent.  Many a respondent to the Weekend workout has landed big jobs through this program.

BTW, let me underscore…VoiceRegistry is NOT a P2P site, nor does it want to be.

There are other features to VoiceRegistry…and some as yet unnannounced…until….until now!

See my Video Skype interview with VoiceRegistry’s Ashsley Russo below, in which she explains the Weekend Workout, AND VR’s big plans for the new year.  The interview is 15 minutes long, but be sure to watch through to the end for the big announcements about new services they’re providing in 2013.

AshleyRusso from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.

Thanks, Ashley!




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