Whittam: On the Edge

by | Aug 20, 2013 | VO Business

Edge Studio GW_1483GeorgeWhen already successful people can do even better for themselves in collaboration, it makes me smile.

From the very first of my early days in VoiceOver, George Whittam and David Goldberg of Edge Studio both provided turning points for me.  How many countless people can undoubtedly say the same!

Now, these two powerhouse VoiceOver institutions are joining forces officially, and you’re hearing about it here, first.

Big things have been happening at Edge.  After lately moving the studio HQ to Times Square, and re-building a cutting edge facilityEdge Studio GS_1430spicer from scratch, Goldberg most recently acquired the considerable business talents of Graeme Spicer as his Managing Director.  Spicer and Whittam are no strangers either, having collaborated on George’s VO Studio Tech projects.

Now it all comes together for this trio.

Whittam is on the tip of the tongue of any voice actor who needs help or wants to help someone with technical challenges of recording, studio set-up or technology.  He’s everyone’s go-to guy.

“Combining our efforts makes perfect sense. Edge Studio holds the same values as I do. They operate from a place of integrity and have a great reputation, and I’ll still be able to give my customers the quality personalized service their accustomed to – and even better since I’ll have the support of the entire team of professionals at Edge Studio behind me.” says Whittam of the merger.

These developments grow the reputation of Edge Studio, while freeing up founder and CEO David Goldberg to slide into two roles he relishes:  visionary and advocate.  Goldberg has already upped his traveling and appearance schedule, and makes the perfect Edge Studio DG_1654goldbergsmallapostle for the services he provides, while disseminating great information wherever he appears.

“The addition of George and V.O.StudioTech is like finding the missing piece to a puzzle. We now have the opportunity to offer a complete resource center for voice over talent and industry professionals,” says Goldberg of the addition of Whittam’s talents.

Please take the time to read the official news release here: Edge Studio Welcomes G Whittam PR.

Then, call up George and David or Graeme and let them know how happy you are for them!




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