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by | Aug 5, 2013 | Technology, Web Resources

record-keepingLast Wednesday I got on my high-horse about the importance of keeping metrics with all you do in  your VO business.

See:  Metrics, Numbers, Stats

Like many of my blogs, I write for myself as much as for you.  Somehow stating all these things publicly prompts ME to do them, too.  It puts it “on the record” so-to-speak, and creates a repository I know I can search back through for links and info.

In this case, that public mention brought a response from the guy I referenced in the article who really has his act together in this realm:  Larry Hudson.  Larry’s self-styled record-keeping experience has led to a simple product for keeping track of Auditions and Bookings (and more) that you can find here:

Only…Larry is now offering this handy tool at a special reduced price to the readers of this blog, by clicking here instead:





I have not personally tried Larry’s program, and I’m making no money on the referral of this product.  However, I feel good about endorsing this  because I know Larry, trust his word, and thought it was pretty nice of him to make this gesture.

If you decide to try this product, please let me know how it works for you.




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