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bodalgoFor years Steven Lowell was the voice and the face of Voice123.  Sure Alex Torrenegra ran the place, and a bevy of Columbian expatriates made up 99% of the staff, but Steven was the guy out front.

He took a lot of flak for some of V123’s actions, and (in my estimation) did a good job of explaining the realities of a pay-to-play business, while straddling the line of the needs and interests of voice talent.

Without getting into specifics, Steve felt it was time to leave V123 early this year.  Now he’s surfaced as a paid employee of one of Europe’s most hi-profile and prolific pay-to-play sites:  BODALGO.

We talked on Skype the other day, and I invite you to watch the video recording of that chat, below.  Try to pay special attention to the points Steve makes about foreign studios &rates, and the demands of a European-based P2P.  He also makes suggestions for how to best use the Bodalgo site.

Thanks, Steve!


Steven Lowell talks Bodalgo from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.



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