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changesAs far as I’m concerned, there’s never been a better time to be a voice-actor.  What used to be a relatively closed network of certain studios in NYC and LA supported by upper-crust agents and producers who garnered more than the lion’s share of the best jobs, has been blow wide open by the internet marketplace in the last 10 years.

So have other major pillars of society:  journalism, broadcast media, photography, music, content, marketing…the list goes on.

Most would probably chalk up such change as good, but monetization and pay-scales struggle to find footing in this new world.  True.

The fact is, there’s no turning back, and the good news is ever-agile freelance voice-actors are adapting rather quickly.  Below, a list of several developing technologies and events that are charting new courses, offering fresh solutions, and capitalizing on the best trends in technology.  I’ve either been asked to help evaluate or I’m participating actively in the offerings below.  I get a lot of things across my blog desk, and some of them I can’t say very much about yet.

1)  VOICE OVER VIRTUAL is set to debut in a matter of days.  I’ve written about this online voice over conference before, and the founder of VOV — VoiceOverXtra’s John Florian — has been openly and busily recruiting participants, vendors, coaches, agents, and attendees in the background and at FaffCamp.  This virtual conference will take place in September, and sign-ups, as well as early online evidence promoting the event is imminent.  Believe me, I know, ’cause I’m assisting with the social media exposure, and you’ll see my face welcoming you to the registration site.

2) DIRECTVOICES will begin accepting memberships June 17th.  See my February blog about this online talent / talent seeker site:  DirectVoices’ mastermind Constantino de Miguel told me just yesterday many of the details of this site that works hard NOT to be a P2P site.  That’s about all I can say other than the effort that’s gone into this site is gargantuan, involving the highest level of global technology and user forethought.  I’m personally working my way through the Beta version and passing along my impressions to de Miguel as a sort of final subscriber filter.

3) HUSH-HUSH VO NEWBIE VIDEO TRAINING SERIES   ‘Not trying to be cryptic or a tease, but I’ve also been a Beta tester of an online video series of VO tutorials that is absolutely of the highest quality I’ve ever seen.  This training series is not set to debut until September (you now, it’s not far away anymore), but much of the online and video production is already SO close to completion, and I was blown away by the careful structure and attention to detail.  The product was masterfully developed by a person who is of an impeccable and well-respected reputation in our business, and will be the definitive answer for people who come to you with questions about getting started in the business.

4) WORLD-VOICES ORGANIZATION I’ve written unabashedly about this new Industry Trade Association because I’m on the executive board, and because I’ve dedicated countless hours in the last year to its success.  Many of you reading this now are already members.  You can sign-up and get a lot of questions answered at  We’re gaining momentum, and we’re not going away…in fact we’re moving forward to represent your concerns as a voice talent with some innovative new ideas.  Watch for it.

5)  SOUNDSTREAK While I was in NYC last week attending APAC, SoundStreak’s always-industrious CEO — Dan Caligor — came to meet me for coffee and conversation.  Just by way of reminder:  SoundStreak is perhaps the most innovative and user-friendly heir-apparent to ISDN’s gradual demise…but even leaving ISDN out of the equation, SoundStreak stands strong enough in its own right to be a success.  Caligor has steadily moved this product into Mac and Windows users’ studios, and is marching right up to some major players to gain the foothold needed to garner acceptance with owners of audio studios around the US.  Watch for some big announcements coming from this company VERY soon.

6) EDGE STUDIO  I also found a few moments while in NYC to visit David Goldberg in his new digs near Times Square.  Goldberg never sits still, and is a consummate promoter, educator, coach, and marketing professional.  What I’ve learned from David and certain key individuals he’s collaborating with is also unspeakable at this juncture, but the plans will put Edge Studio in a position to move its brand beyond the Big Apple to sit atop a short list of premier national studios.

The list goes on… almost all the names you recognize in this business are surging forward with new plans:

  • is launching a new website
  • EWABS knocks it out of the park every week with new guests and technology
  • Meet-up Groups like Anthony Gettig’s in Michigan, Cliff Zellman’s in Dallas, and Anne Ganguzza’s in SoCal grow in sophistication
  • Excitement is palpable over the next Faffcon in the Fall in San Antonio

What am I missing?  I hope this short list has convinced you of the robust and exciting nature of developing technology, ideas, and relationships in voice acting that makes it the best place to be for growth and success.




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