FocusRite iTrack Solo

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Equipment, Technology

focusriteJust ricocheting a post from Alan Curry of PieHole that I thought had merit in case you didn’t see it.

Alan hails the new FocusRite iTrack Solo with the following comment on my Voice-Over Friends FaceBook Group: “…it’s never going to replace a properly equipped studio, nevertheless I’m impressed with it so far and can’t really fault it as a portable or temporary solution. Indeed, for certain projects like web video, on-hold & IVR, I’d even go so far as to deem it perfectly acceptable…”

Banking on the legendary FocusRite reputation, and selling at a reasonable $159 at online shops like Sweetwater, the FocusRite iTrack Solo is touted as being compatible with Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad.

From the website:  “…A supplied cable connects iTrack Solo to the iPad, and it is powered by the included USB cable that delivers the power necessary to run the iTrack’s high-specification components. If you are using iTrack Solo with a Mac or PC you don’t need to connect it to the mains, your computer will supply enough power via the USB cable….”

Here is the link to Alan’s SoundCloud audio sample using the iTrack Solo:

Thanks Alan!




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