Video, Part III

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Video

video-3The more I think about the possibilities surrounding video in  your VO marketing plan, the more inspired I get.

I promise, I’ll get off my soapbox after sharing this last little bit, which is actually a pairing of two favorites:  Video & LinkedIn.

If you’ve already read “Are You Ignoring the Value of Video?“, and “The Anti-Mantra Motivator“, then you’ve heard my case for the use of video in promoting your voice and your freelance business in general.

I’ve also never been bashful about saying I think an active LinkedIn profile is also a critical piece of your social media presence.  In January of this year, LinkedIn reported more than 200 million worldwide users.  That global component is big.  More serious-minded than it’s informal cousins — FaceBook and Twitter — LinkedIn has been sprucing up its image, and getting critical praise for the role it plays in enabling business relationships.

Putting a VO video on your LinkedIn profile is painlessly easy.

1)  Click on “Edit your profile”
2)  Scroll down to the “Backgrond” heading
3)  Click on the blue square with a “+” in it across from the word “Summary” (see screenshot below)
4)  Add your YouTube, Vimeo, or other video provider URL in the dialogue box
5)  Scroll up to the top of your profile, and click “done editing”


It’s even easier to place that same video link in Pinterest.

On your Pinterest home page, click on your profile drop-down menu in the top upper-right corner, and click “add pin”.  Paste your YouTube link in the dialogue box, and your done.

BTW, Pinterest just re-vamped their interface to display even larger pictures, now, so the stuff you post there potentially has even more impact.




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