The Anti-Mantra Motivator

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Video | 6 comments

video-aResist this maxim:  “Do as I say…not as I do”.

In other words, your mantra should be:  “Do as I say, ’cause I’ve tried doing it, and it works!”

The three reasons I write this blog:
1) It serves as my own repository of information.
2) I love sharing good ideas.
3) I get a kick out of paying it forward.
4) I’ve tried most of this stuff and it works.

Most everything I write about here I’ve checked out. If I think the idea/product/service is lousy I’ll warn you…if I like it, I’ll endorse it….if I haven’t fully evaluated it, I’ll tell you.

The other day as I was writing ARE YOU IGNORING THE VALUE OF VIDEO?, I realized I was ignoring the value of video.  Not entirely.  I post videos every day in my “other” job, and in that sense there’s always an example of my on-camera work.  But that’s perhaps not the best use of video in my voice over business.

The point of  my Value-of-Video blog article was to tap into the potential of video as a marketing/promotional tool.  To that end, I humbly submit the following video as my first-gen attempt to get going in this area.  It’s simple…to-the-point, and even displays my voice.  I hope to splash this (or a version of it) all over my marketing materials.

Let me know what you think.  What are YOU doing in video?

Dave Courvoisier video from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.




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  1. Joe J Thomas

    Very nice, Dave!
    Simple, straight forward – show’s off your voice and imparts just the right amount of info to draw viewers in.

    I’ve been uploading Video VO Demo reels to YouTube for a while (first was in 2008).
    … and I also used short promo videos for my session at Voice 2012.
    Just another way to show what we do to our current clients, and possibly bring in some new ones.


    • CourVO

      Hi Joe!

      Thanks for your kind words…keep up the good work. You’re ahead of the game!

      Dave C

    • CourVO

      Thanks, Jeremy… I feel stupid standing still, so I keep trying new stuff.

      I appreciate your stopping by.

      Dave C

  2. Anthony Gettig

    Great video, Dave! I’ve been surfing explainer videos lately and this was awesome to see. Nicely done!

    • CourVO

      Thanks, Anthony,

      Yeah, the explainer videos seem to be a hot area right now. This one was fun to put together, but kinda time-consuming. Hopefully, I’ll get better as I do more.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Dave C


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