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by | Mar 7, 2013 | Social Media/Networking, Technology

Thumb Up Like ButtonThe social network we all love to hate, and CAN’T STAY AWAY FROM is changing again.

In a sense (and as they say) change is good.  With today’s frenetic innovation, and super-short attention spans, there’s bound to be plenty of trial-and-error tinkering…even with a product as ubiquitous as FaceBook.

Mark Zuckerberg’s baby favors new products.  Remember FB Questions?…Checkins?  FaceBook has to take risks on new ideas.  Even a network with a billion members needss to remain as agile as possible.

But “shares” and “likes” are down.  Facebook has admitted as much.  People are posting more (according to Zuckerberg’s law), but these days, reading less.  Not only that, but a lot of critics are noticing that FaceBook is inserting a lot more ads, and higher up, than it used to.  Visitors see that as a grasping, even desperate move to make more money.  Also, the cherished teen demographic is not so enamoured of FB anymore.

So, FaceBook is changing again.  Today.

There will be a big news conference, and the typical hype.  FaceBook is playing their cards close to the vest, but the best pundits expect a significant change to the look.

Mashable is saying “…we could see multiple news feeds based on categories, such as Instagram photos and music your friends are listening to and artist updates…”  TechCrunch claims, “…in addition to several news feeds, we’ll be seeing larger photos and image-based ads.”

A new look for Timeline is already underway in New Zealand (New Zealand!!!???)

Regardless, we don’t really get a vote, and I just didn’t want you to wake up and wonder what the heck had happened to your cherished FaceBook.

CNET probably said it best:  “…If News Feed were a window, the frame would be dilapidated and the glass distorted after years of wear and tear…”

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