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voicezamOne of the clear indicators of a product that’s dependable is its longevity in the marketplace.  Trends in the business of voice-acting come and go, but proven products last over time.

January of 2009, I first mentioned Voicezam in this blog.  Hard to believe it’s been more than 4 years voicezam2ago.  At the time, I didn’t have a lot of info on the site.  But it’s creating buzz again (a few of us even discussed it in our VO MasterMind group call this week), and I see that the Voicezam site has been spiffed-up quite a bit.

Audio producer Bob Merkel runs the place.  He’s devised a unique product with a lot of uses.  Upload your demo to the Voicezam site…his process splits it into pieces which can be played individually in a virtual player that you can email, embed, send, post, and otherwise distribute just about anywhere!

In fact, it’s the usability factor that makes it so good for your business. See this page for a look at how the Voicezam player can be used.

I love the fact that you, as a member, have a lot of control over how the player looks, including the order of the segments, naming the individual segments, and even customizing the player.

Here’s a link to the Voicezam FAQ page, which will probably answer most of your questions.

You must be a working pro with 3 years under your belt, and the application process asks that you list your last 3 jobs.  First month is free, then you have a basic membership that kicks in with some a la carte options that cost extra if you choose them (like metrics, and automatically adding your demos).  Basic monthly service is $19.95.

Bob is excellent with returning answers to questions, and is very responsive with customer service.

What a great tool for your voice over business if the price is within your means.




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  1. Anthony Gettig

    Very happy VoiceZam user here. Zamtistics are awesome!

  2. Chris Mezzolesta

    I will echo Anthony’s praise for the Voicezam concept and product. Bob has a winner here. I had an incredible uptick in response to cold emailing, with the only variable I could think of being the inclusion of the Voicezam links (one a link to my website where resides one embedded player, and one direct player link right in my email sig). So not only can I see when and how much someone is listening to which demo, I have had a rather hefty percentage of successful “touches” including requests for rates and other info, and new inclusion on various recording studio voice rosters. All in the space of a couple weeks. And Bob has been a delight to work with, answering emails often with a phone call, willingness to spend time nailing something down, searching for the best solution to an issue or idea for a great update to the process. I’ve often said that, after being burned by subscribing to this P2P or that service or whatever, I am reticent to do any more paid subscriptions to anything. Voicezam is something that, assuming price stability over the long haul, I am happy to get behind and stay there. I can only imagine how this concept will evolve. Kudos!

    • CourVO


      Bob mentioned your experience in our interview of 2-28-13. Obviously you made an impression!

      Dave C


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