The Search for ISDN’s Successor

by | Feb 13, 2013 | ISDN, Software, Technology


ISDN’s legacy technology will go away…eventually.

Lord knows how much longer the big TelCos will continue to support it.

Smart producers, voice actors, audio engineers, and others associated with the business of voice overs are searching RIGHT NOW for the next best thing.  It’s pretty well universally accepted that ANY succeeding technology for hi-quality remote recording will be internet-based.

I’ve been hammering this message lately…introducing and continuing to support ideas that seem promising.  It’s unknown if Skype will go that way, but it could.  SoundStreak holds promise.  SourceConnect seems to have the biggest jump on the competition, but I don’t see a lot of excitement over the product, now many years old.

The dark horse in the race, and a surprising contender is ConnectionOpen.  Like the other possible solutions, ConnectionOpen offers a means to record remotely over broadband.  Uniquely, ConnectionOpen holds and aggressively defends an innovative patent that underpins the service.

Better than me trying to explain it myself, I took the opportunity the other day to interview Lawrence Morrison, the developer and founder of ConnectionOpen.  Lawrence openly answers questions about his software, explains why his patent makes a difference, and details the possible application of ConnectionOpen for voice actors…all in this 12-minute interview.

I think you’ll find it worth the time.  Below, a brief mention of Morrison’s pricing structure.

ConnectionOpen from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.

Morrison adds the following points about pricing:

1.) Upfront cost is $0.
2.) Subscriptions will start at $25 per month. This will be a promotional price. It will go to $50 a month with a steep discount for a yearly subscription. We are still trying to figure out what that will be.
3.) At this point it is an all for one price deal. We do however plan to add more features, video, customizable interface, extremely secure remote storage and a personal newsletter service for self promotion.

Thanks, Larry!




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