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by | Feb 5, 2013 | VO Community

CaligorYou would not be seeing so much about SoundStreak on this blog if I didn’t think there’s some real potential with the product.

As I wrote last week, ISDN is never gonna get better…only worse.  (see The Slow Death of ISDN).

That means, one or two of a short list of possible alternatives will emerge as the studio quality remote recording solution of the future.

Dan Caligor’s SoundStreak shows all the right possibilities.

I spoke with Dan on Skype the other day. He preferred to have me just quote him on some of the salient points of their latest developments.

There’s a lot going on at SoundStreak.  They’ve invested thousands of development hours in the product, and new users are still signing up everyday from around the world, Caligor says.  In addition to being on the cusp of delivering the Win 7 & 8 Beta version, they’re also going to release an updated Mac client with new features.  Anyone should be able to mount a SS session using either and/or both operating systems.

Caligor & Co. are also close to releasing a SoundStreak “portal” where users can go to manage their account, set up sessions, and retrieve recordings,  He stresses that SoundStreak uses less bandwidth for a successful session than an iPhone on LTE,  Impressive!soundstreak

Caligor is quite cognizant of the fact that there’s plenty of ground to cover in getting influential producers to use his product.  He said:  “As great as our product is, and as note-worthy as it seems to us — and to many users — SoundStreak is hardly the most important thing most production people think about in the course of a day.  So while people appreciate our value, getting through the cycle of testing and assessment can take a while.”

 Basically, the SoundStreak Beta for Windows 7 & 8 is all but done… in fact, I feel like I had a hand in actually developing the final.

Their Chief Product Officer tried running me through a session the other day, and on my newly built Win7 computer, things didn’t work as they expected.  A series of back ‘n’ forth messages since then has helped them refine the working Beta, and I heard from the product officer Monday that the final Beta will be out “in a few days”.

I’ll post a review of the Win Beta here on my blog when I’ve completed a successful session.




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