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by | Jan 17, 2013 | Web Resources

voiceregistry-1 VoiceBank’s Voiceregistry site is offering another new feature.

Hopefully you’re aware of their “Weekend Workout” program…a great chance to have your audition be heard by notable agents and producers in a scheduled weekend program.  I blogged about it not that long ago in a video interview with VR’s Ashley Russo.  It’s well worth the $10/mo fee.

Now, VoiceRegistry is adding One-On-One to it’s services.
The site says:  “…Schedule live, one-on-one discussions with Voice Over experts for  information and advice you can only get from an insider….” That session can apparently cover a lot of scenarios…getting an evaluation of your demo, or getting feedback on an audition before you send it in, or even getting some answers on your studio sound.

The experts ready to schedule that time with you are impressive:  Arron Drown, an Emmy Award winning Casting Director; Heather Vergo and Micaela Stepanovich who are both agents with top agencies; Johnny Gidcomb, an ADR and looping expert; Colette Sunderman, tops in animation casting; Wes Glealson with experience in video games and animation; and every studio tech’s favorite guy:  Dan Friedman.

In fact, Dan has written a blog about VoiceRegistry’s new service, and offers some insider insights.

There are 15-min and 30-min quotes for the various experts’ time in the one-on-one session.  You have to sign-up with VoiceRegistry first.

Worth a look!




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