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by | Jan 13, 2013 | Web Resources, Web/Tech

dubjoyWhat role will you assume today to make your voice over business work?  We need to be audio engineers, to be able to convert documents, keep out own books, run a business, know hardware ‘n’ software, be public relations experts, marketers, and the list goes on and on… it’s our challenge and … in many ways…our fun.

That’s why I often share virtual tools in my blog articles that may not seem to have immediate bearing on the day-t0-day work of voice over….until you need it.

Today’s tip came to me from a fellow community-builder:  Steven Lowell of V123.  At first, I wasn’t sure of it’s usefulness, but the more I think about it — especially in light of the growing multi-lingual nature of our business — this might just be the ticket for you one of these days.

It’s called DUBJOY.  It translates YouTube videos on the fly.

The website has a simple 3-step process to make it work:

  • Install Dubjoy Chrome extension.
  • You’ll notice a ‘Translate with Dubjoy’ button on every YouTube video.
  • Click the Dubjoy button and voice-over the video.

Yes, you need to be using the Chrome browser for this program, but you already were using Chrome, right?

Let us know how you’ve found this to be useful for your business.

Thanks, Steve!




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