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by | Jan 22, 2013 | Subscription Services, Web Resources

kingdomvoicesThree things I try to avoid online:
1) politics
2) Mac vs. PC
3) religion.

But today, I’m putting that aside this once to give a big attaboy to my friend Dan Hurst for taking the initiative to launch a new talent service website with the not-too-veiled reference to the needs of the church:

These days, you’d think it is almost out of fashion to say you’re a Christian, and that you want to do work for the body of Christ that has an undertermined promise of significant monetary gain for your VO business. (or any religion for that matter)

And Dan’s no slouch or stranger to the VO biz.  If you knew him, you’d know that he’s a veteran actor who voices in English and Spanish…has many overseas clients…is a whiz at marketing himself on social media, and offers help to anyone who asks.  So why this?  In the VoiceOverXtra article, Dan says:  “I have a number of church and faith-based organization clients,” he explains, “and several of them mentioned how difficult it was to find voice talent that shared their missional heart.”

Normally, I try not to duplicate here on this blog the headline stories you see on VoiceOverXtra…but I’m making the exception this time ensure those of you who want to participate in Kingdom Voices actually HEAR about it and get on over to sign-up.

Probably best to go to the VoiceOverXtra site to read about John Florian totally scooped me on this story, and he’s got all the facts from Hurst.

Nice going Dan…I’ve already got my profile filled-out!




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