Coolest Online Tool Since Email

by | Jan 18, 2013 | Web Resources, Web/Tech

deposits1More often than not, I’ll tell my clients I prefer a check in the mail.

Yes, I take credit cards, and yes, I accept PayPal…but I grind my teeth anytime I see a merchant institution get even a small percentage of the sum, just for facilitating the transaction.

And…I guess there’s still a thrill when I open the envelope and see the PAYCHECK there with the dollar amount stated in ink.

The downside is: a trip to the bank to deposit a paper check, strains the daily schedule sometimes.  We’re spoiled aren’t we?  Even with drive-up banking, it still seems to be hassle to do this errand.


Now, you can deposit your paychecks with your smartphone or tablet!   And…it really works…(what was it Isaac Asimov said?:  “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…)

FINALLY!…the true promise of the digital world!

I know banks are kinda the bad guys these days — what with the foreclosure crisis and all — but the fact that they’ve been able to mount the depositstechnical wizardry to make online deposits of paychecks possible with your smartphone or tablet, is truly revolutionary.

Check to see if your bank has it.  For sure Bank of America and Wells Fargo offer it.  If your bank doesn’t have this feature just yet…you can bet it’s coming.  It’s cool and it’s fast.  Another digital tool.  Another time-saver.

All you have to do is log with your online mobile accounting software (you DO have this on your smartphone, right?)…take a picture of the front and back (you still have to endorse it on the back), state the amount, and you’re done!  The bank recommends you hold on to your paper trail for 10 days, but I’ve never had one instance of a need to verify the deposit with the real checque.

I guess I’m easily impressed by this stuff…I’m probably not the first person to tell you this, but if I am, then my blog has succeeded today.

One cool thing about PayPal, though…is that you can now use the service to pay for your SouthWest airline tickets. Is this scary?

That’s why the paper paycheck in the mail keeps me grounded!




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