Geeky Christmas Buying Guide for VO’s

by | Nov 13, 2012 | Equipment, Hardware, Voice Over Hardware/VO Software & other VO Tools

You can see the holiday shopping buzz building already.

If ever a price was going to be knocked-down on hardware items it’s between now and the end of the year.

Below is a brief collection of some stuff I’ve noticed in just the last day.  Tools like this can  make your VO  job easier, and even  more fun, but it’s gotta fit in the budget to make good on your ROI.

Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8  Yeah, yeah, I know…you love your iPhone, or your new Samsung Galaxy S III….but if you’re shopping for a new smartphone this year…you might want to consider the Windows Phone 8. Nokia is going full-tilt with Windows, and remember, Microsoft owns Skype now, so their new OS will bring the greatest functionality for this program.  I personally saw a demo of a Windows 8 Phone the other day and was duly impressed.

SweetWater’s new DEAL ZONE.  This restructuring of Sweetwater’s site claims to offer a new and improved way to find the gear you want with price drops, demos, B-Stocks and deals…over 1,500 according to this site.  This Hootsuite-like social media interface has some nice little features…not the least of which is a daily report sent to your email that summarizes a lot of the Twitter and FaceBook metrics you should probably be watching.  Free to sign-up!

Wireless Wifi HD. Wireless streaming access to a batter-driven external Hard Drive for your laptop, Android tablet, iPad, or Smartphone.  Half a terabyte for $200.  Pocket-sized and portable.

WiFi w/ Built-In HD. This particular model from Netgear combines a Wireless Access Point with a built-in 2Terabyte HD that you can access from any device that connects to the internet.  Yes, that means you can back up virtually all your wifi-enabled devices to this monster hard drive, and do it wirelessly.  It also means you have a common access to all your files in one place easily accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  I’m telling my wife to get me this for Christmas!!!

Microsoft Store.  The new Win8 is said to have the best handling of an audio signal yet.  See their official store for some of their latest offerings. (sorry, you knew I was a MS guy, didn’t you?)




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