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by | Oct 4, 2012 | Social Media/Networking, VO Community

You can’t sit still if you hope to keep up with the changes on the most popular Social Media platforms that may benefit your VoiceOver business.

FaceBook:  Following up on a service FB has already offered in 20 other countries, it’s now offering “Promoted Posts”.  For a cost of $7, you’ll get greater exposure for your pics or posts on newsfeeds.  You’ll also get some metrics back on how well your $7 was spent.  See TechCrunch story on Promoted Posts.  ‘Might be worth a try for this level of investment, but the jury is still out on whether this would be worth it if EVERYBODY starts doing it.

On the plus side, FaceBook has streamlined its sometimes confusing Help Center.  Mashable has a good article summarizing the FaceBook Help Center Redesign.

LinkedIn: The best social network for business interaction has always been big on writing and receiving recommendations for people you honestly know.  Now they’re adding an endorsements feature.  You may have already noticed some emails telling you someone has endorsed you.  IF you follow the link, you’ll often see a box automatically appear asking if you want to endorse some of your connections.  

When you scroll down on your profile, you’ll now see a box that shows some areas of expertise, and who has endorsed you under each of those topic areas.   You can add new topics, and you’re also able to endorse any of your 1st-order connections.

Voice Talent Productions‘ Erik Sheppard asked on FaceBook what it meant to be “endorsed”.  Most of the responses were spot-on.  They DO increase your exposure on the internet, so endorsing someone with many connections (ahem 29,000+) might conceivably raise your exposure through greater connections.

As with most LinkedIn news, the LInkedIn Blog is the best place to find out the details of this new LInkedIn endorsement feature (see slideshow below), which like the FB Promoted Posts…it’s value is yet to be proven…but I’ll give LinkedIn a thumbs-up for implementing this idea seamlessly.




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