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by | May 16, 2012 | Podcasts, Webinar | 2 comments

Fellow VO Social Media geeks Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi several weeks ago resurrected their highly-successful VO podcast series, and renamed it “Voice Over Cafe”.

I was lucky enough to be 3rd on their list of guests, and recorded with them the other day.

We talked a lot about and the many issues surrounding it — namely the need for, and the help we’re getting in spades to establish a true VO Guild of voice actors and the standards we hope to be able to develop in technical criteria and codes of best practice for the voiceover community.

Here’s the link to our podcasat:

Trish and Terry are both my partners in a presentation on the topic of Social Media at VOICE2012 at Disneyland next month.  We’ll be covering an all-encompassing view of the top social networking platforms; what it takes to get noticed, and get jobs IN those networks.

Additionally, I’m hosting my own webinar on the topic of Social Media, Saturday 5/19/12 Noon PST for Edge Studio.  Here’s the link to sign-up:




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  1. Trish Basanyi

    Social media geek? I resemble that remark! hehe Oh, and for the record, you were our SECOND guest……..episode 1 was just Terry and I. 🙂

    See you next month! Thanks for sharing this!

    • CourVO

      WooHoo…’honored to be the first invited guest!!! I listened to the whole show, and you guys really do a nice job! Just….don’t let Terry hog the mic all the time. ‘Need to hear more of Trish!



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