Be A Cubby Fan (no baseball required)

by | May 14, 2012 | Software

Like the weather, there is a never-ending supply of clouds in the online universe.

These are things that I catch on my radar, ’cause they help me access the files, docs, pics, and demos I need from wherever I am, regardless the location of the computer where the native file resides.

You’re on the road visiting your wife’s Aunt Gladys for the weekend, and you get a request from a client to re-send that file you just finished before you hit the road.  With cloud file access, this is a cinch.

I’ve blogged about this several times.  Her’s one:  BE PART OF THE CLOUD CROWD.  This topic continues to generate interest from people who’ve found other useful solutions, too.

DropBox has got to be one of the most prolific players in this realm.  It’s brainless.  Easy to install and set-up, inexpensive, and seamless in sharing.

Now, though, Cubby arrives on the scene with a beta product much like DropBox but with one important distinction:  Like many other online cloud syncing services,  you still get the 5GB storage with the free account, but you can sync an unlimited amount of data between your computers.

Here’s a great article about Cubby’s functionality.  As you can see by the logo I’ve included, though, Cubby is in Beta, and you have to ask for an invite by providing your email address and then confirming when you get the notice.

Cubby is from the same developers who make the remote desktop service LogMeIn…also a great solution for not only accessing your remote files, but virtually manipulating your remote computer’s desktop.

Have you recently found another cloud-file-access or remote-control desktop solution?  Please add it in the comments below.




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