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by | Feb 24, 2012 | The Cloud

No online development will continue to have meaningful impact on the voiceover business like “the cloud” does.

Sure, you’re on DropBox or…and that’s great!  You may even be on Microsoft’s Skydrive.

But wouldn’t you like to show you clients you’re TOTALLY in control of this cloud thing?

What about developing your own client portal?

It’s a way to extend the brand you display on your website, your business cards, your twitter page, and your email blasts.  Imagine a branded page where you clients can go to download the files you’ve recorded for them.  This creates a wrap-around service for them that keeps ’em in the fold of your brand from the point of contact to the delivery of the product (followed, of course, by your branded invoice!).

Click on the portal I’ve had built for to see what I mean.  Simple and clean.

There are services that design this for you.  FILE GENIUS is one that comes to mind.

From their promotional materials:  “…File Genius is now used by over 52,000 professionals and is the fastest growing portal solution available. More than 20,000 new users have come onboard in the past 4 months.  Unlike,, and other online portals you do not pay for users, bandwidth, throughput, or any other “extras”.  Our solution moves files from one location to another and stores and organizes them for access in an extremely secure web environment. Anyone, including your clients, with a secure user account and access to the internet can use it and exchange documents. You can take a no-charge trial, no payment information is required,..”

File Genius may be overkill.  In which case,  just email me ([email protected]), and I’ll have my guy here in Vegas set it up for you…he’s very reasonable.

Some other new solutions “in the cloud” lately, are very impressive.

For you iPad users, check out OnLive Desktop.  It installs on your iOS tablet, but when you launch it looks and acts like you’ve got a fully-functional Windows desktop at your disposal with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (plus much more).  That is INDEED what you have at your fingertips… the program is in the cloud on some super-fast Windows servers.  You don’t even sense a lag-time.  You can do anything you’d do on  your desktop, even store and share to DropBox and much more.  Free for starters.  You pay $5/mo for the SUPER fast connection, and some extra features, but it’s pretty awesome with just the free installation.

Another program like this is ZEROPC.  Much the same as OnLive, this puts all your files in the cloud, and on your tablet, or your PC screen seamlessly.

Sometimes you have to play with these programs to understand the real potential of having all your “stuff” available to you no matter where you are.

-Content files

Be creative…make this stuff work for  you…they’re just tools…but extremely powerful tools.




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