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Sometimes I forget that Las Vegas is a hotbed for Social Media activity, consistently ranking among top cities for participation, engagement, and innovation.

Small wonder, then, that I’d find Lindsay Metter in the mix with a high profile, and a pocket full of useful advice.

Lindsay is the force behind Blue Luna Marketing.

Subscribe to her site, her newsletter, or friend her on FaceBook, and you’ll see how prolific she is, utilizing many of the great marketing techniques that elevates her to the level of “pro” in my book.

So I asked Lindsay if she’d be willing to do a Skype interview with me on one of the least-understood Social Networks:  LinkedIn.

She readily agreed, and the result is below…slightly over 15 mins.  We cover some of the basics of setting up your profile, and a few search tips among many other topics,

[soundcloud id=’42496382′]
If you like what you hear, please give Lindsay a shout by visiting her website, Blue Luna Marketing.

Thanks, Lindsay!





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