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At the most recent CES confab in Vegas, I ran into one of my all-time favorite many-times-over-entrepreneur, John Pozadzides (his friends call him John-P).

We crashed into each other at the Blue Microphone exhibit, cause, well…let’s face it… they have the coolest stuff!  Also, John is the creative force behind Geek Beat TV, and was conducting an interview with Blue’s Hillary Money.  I blogged about the experience: “3 New Blues at CES”, where you can watch John’s video interview of the encounter.

My contact with Hillary, though, resulted in her inviting me to be interviewed for Blue’s Blog.  Her questions mostly revolved around the voice-acting business, my experiences as a voice over artist, and the use of mics in my job.

The blog is now published, and it’s a quick read: Blue Notes.

Very soon, Blue is going to release it’s newest gem:  The Blue Spark Digital for use with iOS devices and USB connectors.  Hillalry has promised an evaluation model for a review on this blog.  So watch for it.

Let me know what you think of the interview.






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