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My thanks to fellow voice-actor Heather Anne Henderson for bringing this relatively new site to my attention.

Sound Streak calls itself “The Internet Recording Studio“.  Right now it’s in Beta, and you can sign-up on the site to participate.

The site is for voice-talent AND producers, but claims to always be free for talent.

Sound Streak states that its process will handle the recording and the phone patch with talent and producer…all you have to do is set your levels and perform.  They do all the receiving, archiving, forwarding of the file, and handle the “buy takes”.

Yeah, but what about the quality of the recording?  Here’s their claim:  “…In studio tests, SoundStreak’s output beats ISDN and MP3 hands down. Capture AIFF, WAV, or BWV at up to 96 KHz, 24-bit. Never compromise — never compress..”

Further, Sound Streak takes the technical challenge out of the process:  “…Each session has a built-in voice patch for easy communication. Record and playback are controlled from one simple interface, ensuring everyone sees and hears the same thing at the same time. Focus on your job, not the software…”

It all sounds good, and I can see where the concept would appeal to a lot of talent who dislike the technical challenges of voice acting.  But I still have lots of questions.  To that end, I’ve approached the developers to help me with a few answers (haven’t heard back yet, but it was over the weekend).

In the meantime (does this sound familiar?), it may not hurt to drop on by the site, and ask to be part of the beta.  Like (ahem) another recent site I reviewed late last week…I once again can appreciate the work that’s gone into the innovation and implementation of another online service that takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to offer a new possible solution to our business.

The site as it sits today seems well-designed, and there are a lot more links and explanations for you to explore once you get there.

If anyone reading this is already on the site, it’d be great to hear what your experience is so far.






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  1. Jodi Krangle

    Sounded really good .. until I read the fine print, Dave. Mac only. 🙁 Ouch. 🙁 Guess I won’t be signing up any time soon. But thanks for bringing it to our attention! I know there ARE a lot of Mac users out there … 🙂 All the best, — Jodi

    • CourVO


      I missed that fact….thanks for pointing it out to our Mac brothers and sisters. (darn!)

      Dave C

    • Frank Frederick

      Another note worthy item, this particular site has been in beta since it’s introduction in 2008.

      The concept is good and worth investigating, but obviously not ready for prime-time.

      Frank Frederick
      “The Voice” tm

      • CourVO


        Great to see ya here! Yeah, I saw a VU post from 2008 about this…’can’t believe it’s been this long, and still no final product? But then, you understand better than most the challenges with this sort of innovation (I-Speak?).

        Write soon, write often!

        Dave C

  2. Neil Bentley

    Hey Dave –

    we came up with a solution like this a couple of years back, but decided not to carry on with development as took priority. Sound Streak looks a great service and I believe it’s what’s needed in a world that hasn’t quite found the right ‘web’ way to live direct.

    I love the fact it’s free too.

    Speak soon Dave!


    • CourVO


      Thanks for visiting again.. Questions to you in your mailbox…can’t wait to do the story on Talent Cow.

      Dave C

  3. Johnny George

    Hey Dave,

    I got a heads up from Mike Carta today and went to check out Soundstreak. My only hold back was the fact that it says it operates with OS 10.6 and above. I’m still kickin’ & screamin’ not to upgrade from my 10.4 OS on my Mac since I would have to upgrade my Pro Tools 003 and many other items.

    And 2008? Really? That’s quite a long beta if you ask me. I’d love to hear the rational behind that.

    See ya soon in Ventura! Save me a seat.


    • CourVO


      I spent more than an hour on the phone with the SoundStreak CEO today, and am planning a massive article on this in a day or so.

      Basically he told me he’s getting more requests for his program to accept older versions of MAC OS than he is requests to pony up a PC version. I can assure you, they’re working on it!

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m buyin’ you a beer (or coffee) in Ventura!

      Dave C


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