Expert vs. Student

by | Aug 22, 2011 | Ruminations, Webinar | 6 comments

Which one are you?

Oh, you’re an expert?…you know absolutely everything there was, is, and will be about your specialty!  Wow!

  • You could write the definitive textbook, and speak off-the-cuff at virtually any venue on the subject for which you’re an expert?
  • Furthermore:  you obviously feel comfortable with people calling you an expert.  (BTW,  I’m treating the word “guru” synomously, here).
  • You unabashedly accept speaking engagements, paychecks, and invitations to do teleseminars, webinars, and write books in your area of expertise.

I’m being sarcastic and cynical here to make a point.

Later this week, I’ll be contributing my part to a 3-part webinar on the value of social media for voice actors.  I am no expert.  I doubt there are ANY experts in social media, although many like to say they are, in promotional materials.

I more like to think I’m a STUDENT of social media.  It teaches me.  In fact, to my way of thinking there is one immutable word that stands between expert and student.


Sometimes I like to think I’m an expert, and then I get blindsided, T-boned, or undercut by someone or something from out in left field that shows me how little I really DO know.  Ever had that happen?  Uh-huh.  ‘Thought so.

So if you are so wonderful that you’ve actually paid money to hear what Terry Daniel, Trish Basanyi and Dave Courvoisier have to say about what they THINK they know about Social Media…then it is my responsibility to do all in my power to tell you all that social media has TAUGHT me.

But expert?  Huh-uh.  Student.


More info on the webinar at VoiceOverXtra




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  1. Dan Lenard


    In this day of rapidly changing technology, how can any truly claim to be an expert?
    Anyone worth his salt in the consulting biz had better be a student of their specialty if they want to maintain their credibility. Specifically in the voice biz, many want to be voice actors and not engineers. While you don’t have to be an engineer or understand how certain technologies work, you darn well better know what works and how to use it.

    I’ve always thought that if you aren’t learning, you better check your pulse.

    • CourVO


      Always glad to see you here….so then, you agree with me. Cool!

      Life is one big education.

      Dave C

  2. Lee Plaud

    Richard Feynman encapsulated all the work and all the accomlishments of his life into ” the pleasure of finding thinks out”. To wear the uniform and the epaulets of expert is to erect a barrier to that joy and that pleasure. The expert is terribly cheated.

    • CourVO


      Thanks for that insight… so true…so true.

      I appreciate your stopping by.

      dave courvoisier

    • CourVO


      Always the long, wordy reply! I may have to block your commenting here, David!!!! 🙂

      Thanks…as always…for stopping by and lending support. It IS appreciated!

      warm regards,

      dave courvoisier


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