Handling Docs, part 2

by | May 19, 2011 | Software

Back in April, I blogged a popular article called “Handling Docs“.  It got a lot of responses and comments. Many offered their own suggestions for handling documents.

Let’s face it, our work comes to us in printed form, either digital or on paper, and as Voice Over Artists, we need to become proficient at putting that doc into the form that best helps us read it, rework it, edit it, or send it.  Sometimes that’s a big challenge.  There are, what?….a few hundred document formats out there?…even the standard, Microsoft Word, uses several different iterations of that old stand-by.

Well, here’s another conversion software utility to add to your arsenal.

WordPort and FileMerlin are two products available from Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. (they also do media conversion software, but that’s another blog).

You’ll find the whole WordPort and FileMerlin pitch on their website: http://file-convert.com/fmn.htm. (see left-hand column to navigate).

This is Windows software (sorry Mac)…and here’s an excerpt from their homepage:

Converts Practically All Popular File Formats

  • All popular old and new file formats in their native form
  • Handles native Microsoft Office 2007 .docx and .docm files
  • Converts full-saved and fast-saved Word documents
  • Converts to PDF without requiring documents to be opened in their host application
  • Supports all commonly used text coding (ASCII, ANSI, Unicode, Dos code pages, etc.)
  • Converts plain-text ASCII, ANSI and Unicode (8- and 16-bit) files
  • Last-resort text recovery from any kind of file (even corrupted files)

[File Conversion Software]High Conversion Accuracy and Completeness

  • Very accurate and complete conversions
  • Handles advanced formatting and layout
  • Preserves document logic
  • Excellent conversion of tables
  • Converts spreadsheets and workbooks (stand-alone, embedded or linked)
  • Converts PowerPoint (slides and/or notes, stand-alone, embedded or linked)
  • Handles special characters and symbols, including Unicode.
  • Converts embedded and linked graphics
  • Many options for handling revision markings and “track changes” codes
  • Utilizes a powerful text layout engine for stand-alone conversion to PDF
  • Option to concatenate multiple source files in different formats to single destination file
  • Conversion log lists exceptions if any (e.g., due to destination format limitations)
  • Option to preserve file date and time
  • In general, far better conversion than built-in filters provided with word processors





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