Pocket SoundBooth Audio Samples

by | Apr 12, 2011 | Equipment, Home studio

The response to my blog on the Pocket Soundbooth (a tip from VO friend Erik Sheppard) was surprisingly energetic.

Not that everyone thought it was a viable solution…indeed, I think only one person mentioned they thought it was worth the $50, and Dan Lenard (the EWABS Studio Master) said it reminded him of the padding you get on the inside a shipping box.

But in case you missed it… yesterday, Xavier Case chimed in, and actually provided links to a coupe of example soundfiles utilizing the Pocket SoundBooth.  Here’s his comment:

”  There are some example recordings on the web site http://www.pocketsoundbooth.com

This one compares a reflexion filter to the Pocket Soundbooth and it seems to do more than a reflexion filter does, particularly for the size. 10bB reduction above 2500Hz, according to the specs.

http://www.panamax35.com/pocketsoundbooth/samples/samples/comparing_%20omni_mic_with_reflection%20filter_vs_PSB.mp3 You can really tell the difference on headphones.”

I still haven’t personally tried this product, and am staying neutral on the issue.




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