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by | Jan 26, 2011 | Pricing, Social Media/Networking | 2 comments

This is why I love social media.  My little fledgling group on LinkedIn called “Setting VO Rates” hosts some incredible discussion threads sometimes.

One of the most recent ones was initiated by Boston area Production Director Matt Forrest, and over the last few days, now has more than 95 comments.

But not just any comments.  What you will find is probably the most exhausting, thorough, and philosophical dissection of the quandary over rates I’ve ever seen.  Why are rates being driven down?  Should we work towards a minimum fee schedule for the good of our business, or should we let the free market have its way?

If this issue interests you at all…this is THE MOTHER of all discussions on setting VO rates.  It’s civil, deep, comprehensive, the best I could hope-for in social media, and with the attitude I would wish all intelligent, concerned voice over talents could engage in.

Since setting the value of your worth in the marketplace is one of the most bedeviling challenges in voice over work (indeed, all of freelance work), here’s what I suggest you do:  Reserve 30-45 minutes, follow this link on “….To Call This Rate Insulting….”, read, and get a true education in rates AND civility.  Kudos especially to Paul Strikwerda and Elizabeth Grattan, not to mention Matt for starting the whole thing.

Seriously, this dialog is SO far-ranging, that it may decide, once-and-for-all how you define your worth in the VO market.




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  1. Elizabeth Grattan

    Ah, Dave…

    Thank you. I find the discussion to be fascinating, and I hope others will gain much from the various perspectives.

    Thank you for the opportunity and the forum to engage.


  2. Mark Maurer


    On Paul Strikwerda’s comment on LinkedIn “Setting VO Rates” On the ‘cheapening’ of our industry rate-wise by clients, some of who do not understand the bang they receive for the bucks they pay. An old saying,”No one appreciates anything they get for next to nothing.”

    Indeed, I have local and regional prospects that want the sun, moon, and the stars for a $300 dollar buy-out.

    At the end of of the day and this is all about those “bargain hunter’ advertisers out there — Buying VO talent is a lot like buying oats: If you want clean fresh oats they come at a fair price however, oats that have already been thru the horse come at a largely reduced rate. As we are all well aware, many clients today want Filet Mignon for the price of Ground Chuck.

    Please let us established Voice Actors unite on the principle of standing our ground and insist on a resonable and nominal fee for professional services rendered. Those clients are out there. Regards…


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