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by | Dec 3, 2010 | Web Resources, Web/Tech

After the Social Media presentation at VOICE2010 this last June, I was surprised to find out how many voice actors told me they subscribed to LinkedIn, but had no idea the power they held in their hands.

As an update, you may want to now consider one of LinkedIn’s newest experiments, called LinkedIn Signal.  LinkedIn rolled out the new functionality at the end of September, and the beginning of October with limited subscribers using a beta version.  Now, though, just about anyone can get on.

Dubbed “TwinkedIn” by some pundits, Signal is LinkedIn’s attempt to make sense of the considerable info stream generated by Twitter and FaceBook.  Signal does this in a very “LinkedIn” way.  For instance, playing on LinkedIn’s strong suit, you can configure a search for keywords, topics, or people across the stream.

Anyone with a LinkedIn account can get to Signal by using this URL:  That’s the Private Beta page.  Click on the “sign in with LinkedIn” button at the top, enter your sign-on, and you’re there!

This is a fun interface to try new things…play with the search configurations…watch the stream.


These are tools, people.  Use ’em if they work for ya.  Forget ’em if they turn into a non-productive time-suck.

All I know is, the proper use of LinkedIn’s search tools WILL lead to VO work.




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