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by | Nov 15, 2010 | Web/Tech

Emerging from the fog of what was a seminal week last week, I. just. want. to. get. back. in. the. groove.

For me, that means auditioning, blogging, Social Media’ing, and — of course — tending to my bread ‘n’ butter job at the TV station.  In trolling around for information to go into today’s blog, I found a couple of utilitarian tips from voice-over talents I respect a lot.

I’ve met both Jeffrey Kafer and Anthony Mendez in person, and love watching their voice talent careers develop.  Our interests intersect at many nodes, but especially under the general heading of “internet tools”.

Jeffrey, posted a link to a site I hadn’t seen before.  HOWJSAY.COM.  Thanks for this , Jeff!  I use Forvo.com, the ubiquitous wikipedia, and other sites that help with pronouncing esoterica of medical and technical narrations (see my blog Pro-Nouncers)…but I had not seen HOWJSAY before.  Very handy.

Anthony — a man wise beyond his years — developed a tool for shortening URL’s.  The site is called: THEVO.BIZ…a name very close to CourVO.com…so I kinda like the way he thinks!  The world doesn’t necessarily need another URL-shortening website, but the advantage to this, of course, is that your newly shortened URL now has the letters VO in it.

Mendez admits:  “…This will not get you work, make you famous, or magically turn you into a social media guru.” Yeah, OK Anthony, but it’s still kinda cool, and adds to a certain professionalism that some of your clients may notice and appreciate.

Thanks, guys!  You rock!  What can I do for you?




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