Oh, The Humility (or lack of it)

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Almost exactly a year ago, I blogged about “Status Posting” Sharing or Show-Off?

A subsequent blog noted the responses, mostly in support of my position that it was more show-off than sharing.  “A Rainbow of Responses”.

I understand we all work in relative isolation.  Hey, believe me…no one enjoys the camaraderie between voice actors found in social media more than me.

I know we all work hard and are proud of our work, and love to hear the attaboys for a job well done.  Lord knows the clients don’t offer that…instead they pay us.

But the listing of the day’s accomplishments such as is circled above seems to me….///CUT..!!!!

OK, I won’t say.  I’ll just raise the question…what do YOU think?

(sorry for the crappy resolution of the graphic)  It says:  Recordings completed Thursday the 28th: station liners for Star 106 in The Bahamas, :30 Nalley Infiniti Spot, Mention Social Media Narration Presentation, Amazon Associate Pitch narrative, 6 Radio Opens for Compassion International, and an 8400 word Chemistry Course narration.

Wow. We should all be so lucky. The  person’s identity is shrouded in the captured FaceBook posting.  I’ve never met this person IN person.  I’ve exchanged a couple of emails…run into this person in online forums and discussions…and I know this person to be extremely accomplished, sought-after, experienced, seasoned, highly-professional, knowledgeable, living the VO life we would all aspire to, and a person who shares expertise when asked.  This person has ABSOLUTELY worked hard for achieving this kind of daily VO output.

All the more reason, I just do not get the chest thumping.




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  1. Rachel Resnick

    I actually don’t mind seeing these kinds of posts. I like knowing who’s working on what. As a compromise, how about someone creating a website called “Who Got the Gig?” where these types of posts can be accumulated in one place. I think the trade paper Advertising Age used to include a similar column for ad agencies.

  2. Jodi Krangle

    Hi Rachel. Actually, Julie William’s message board at http://www.voice-overs.com actually does have a forum devoted to just that. Have a look and maybe it’s worth joining. 🙂 All the best, — Jodi

  3. Ralph Hass

    Don’t forget Voices.com has the Who Got The Gig component on their blog – although it hasn’t been updated in a while:

    As for that long status in your screenshot Dave, the place for promoting those items might be on a blog. Check with your client before posting details. Better to be safe than sorry:)

    Two weeks ago, Bob Bergen sent out an email titled “A friendly message of advice to VO peeps.” With Bob’s permission, I am posting it here:
    Hi gang!

    Like you I love this whole social networking thing. It’s a great way to stay connected, market, etc.

    That said, there’s a trend I’ve been seeing that can be detrimental to your career. I’m seeing folks post online what they’ve auditioned for, booked, etc. While I understand the excitement of sharing success, and the value of marketing, there are many buyers who are getting really pissed off at actors posting this information. My own agent sent out an email to his clients earlier this year asking us not to post auditions and (or) work info on social networks. Actors are losing jobs because of this. And they risk damaging relationships with buyers.

    Let’s be honest. Most of the time we post such info to boost the ego. But a momentary boost is not worth the long term damage. Put yourself in the buyer’s seat. Do you want an actor to share they just auditioned for or booked a project that you might want to keep under wraps until it airs? There’s a time and a place for everything.

    Marketing is important. Be smart with your marketing.

    A public service message. 😉
    Thank you Bob Bergen!

    Continued success to ALL in voiceover!

    Keep it REAL folks…

    Ralph Hass


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