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by | May 4, 2010 | Compensation, VO Jobs

VoiceJockeys‘ reply to Robert Sciglimpaglia‘s dissection of their contract language, showed up in the comment section to my blog post of last night.

You can go to the comment section to see it, but I’m reprinting it here in its entirety.  I appreciate the fact that they’re willing to talk about it.

You may also want to go to VoiceOverXtra to read Robert’s Original position on VoiceJockeys’ policies.

Here’s VoiceJockeys’ response:

The community has spoken and we are glad to take your feedback both negative and postive. We would like to address the issues one at a time and invite responses from all.

Our pricing – Yes the prices we charge consumers is low. So low, that it may not be worth it for some of you. We understand that and can appreciate it. We hope to brindge that gap by providing our voice over artists with an abbundance of work throughout the month.

Our agreement – we have taken the feedback of those who actually reached out to us directly (and not via a blog) and are taking the neccessary steps to change our agreement to proctect us as well as our talent pool. The new agreement will be rolled out before the end of the week.

As far as the inferrence of Jocks being listed without their permission – the is totally not true whatsoever. We maintain a datbase of IP addresses, Date Time stamps, tax forms, etc.

Again, we understand the concern from the Voice Over community and we are looking forward to working together to make intelligent changes that the industry talent calls for from time to time. Please understand that there IS a market out there of clients that can not afford the high rates charged by some voice over talent and for them is the reason that we exist.

No one is forced to join our site and we would hope that voice artists would welcome the extra work in their downtime.

As for Rob’s detailed analysis of our current agreement – we would like to thank him (actaully we can’t believe he has so much free time). Rob has opened our eyes and opened up dialogue throughtout the industry that will allow us to work closer with all of you and create an environment where we can work together on improving niche products like those offered on our site.

Thank You,


Also, please take the time to read through the comments on VoiceOverXtra at the bottom of the article…lots of really good observations.




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