VoiceJockeys Debate, Part 3

by | May 4, 2010 | Compensation

Robert Sciglimpaglia responds with a quick and challenging answer to VoiceJockeys‘ contrition over outrageous contract stipulations.

Please review the previous two Courvo.com blog articles to see how this compensation issue exploded over the last few days.  HERE and HERE.

The complete text of Robert’s initial take-down of VoiceJockeys demands can be seen on VoiceOverXtra.

Now, return to VoiceOverXtra HERE to see the rebuttal (sorry, Robert, couldn’t help but use legalese).

Be sure to read all the comments on both articles….very revealing of the tenor of the industry…and comment yourself!  Let them know how you feel!

Maybe we’re onto a real undercurrent, here, of discontent that could result in enough outrage over declining compensation that something could get done!




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