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by | Sep 7, 2020 | VO Business

March 2020 seems to be the date everyone agrees is when the COVID virus really took hold of us all here in the US.  Then began the isolating, the masks, the general craziness that we have today (the fact that it was an election year didn’t help).

That means for half-a-year, now, our world has been in a paradigm-shift the likes of which we haven’t seen since Peeps.

Voice actors like to proudly proclaim that we’ve been at the business of separate-ness ever since our freelance business moved out of proprietary studios and took hold at home – basically in step with the internet revolution.

But even with all that bravado, the edginess of isolation wears thin, and if you want to participate in community, you have to CHOOSE to do it, albeit online still.

That’s why I was so encouraged to see my long-time friends and VO Coaches Deb Munro-Nordeen and Elley-Ray Hennessey organized a cool new event that anyone can do, and there is no application fee involved (there is a $5 processing fee to cover contest portal and artwork etc.) They’ve spent a metric ton of time putting this together, involving some great judges, getting loads of prizes, and appealing to our community for participation.

So let me add my encouragement that you consider this fun event, one that celebrates YOU, the storyteller.

In a nutshell, they’re asking that you send in a voice sample in any of several categories (they provide copy), and then you get to watch as a gold-ribbon panel of judges evaluates your submission.  For those of you lamenting you never get any decent feedback….here’s your chance!

Winners get any of several righteous prizes (among them the 2nd edition of my book)!

Below, is the main link to learn more and get involved.


(More Info)

Good luck!!!





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