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by | Jun 11, 2018 | VO Community

You try…you really do.

You hang out in forums, visit FB Groups, watch YouTube videos, read blogs, and listen to podcasts.

You’re online probably more than you want to be, but such is the oft-times solitary existence of a freelance voice actor.

The trouble with all that is, you get a picture of our community in jigsaw-puzzle pieces.  Not always can you discern the whole landscape at once. 

That might be a good view, no?

We’re hoping to help with that 30-thousand-foot panorama in an upcoming webinar.

WoVO +GVAA + VO Agent Alliance hold a State of the Union webinar...please join in! Click To Tweet

I say “we”, but the genesis of the planned town hall webinar this week came from the good folks at the Global Voice Acting Academy GVAA (Cristina Milizia & David Rosenthal etal.), and the Voiceover Agent Alliance (VAA).  WoVO came on board shortly thereafter. Together, these three #voicestrong advocates realized we had a broad foundational outlook of our profession, our community, and the reality of the VO business today.

Click this link to register for this free webinar:

Mark the date/time of Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 5pm Pacific to join in.  You’ll be able to watch our discussion, and the panel will take questions in the latter part of the event.

See Erik Sheppard’s 2-min video below to explain more, and we’ll see you there!





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