Well, two things actually.

First the set-up:

In the newsroom we complain about the work.  Doesn’t everybody?  We complain about it, and then in a brief moment of humility, we say:
 “…Hey!….at least it’s not digging ditches…!”  As if digging ditches was the worst thing a person should have to do.

But at least digging ditches is honest work; simple, and uncomplicated.  There’s the shovel and there’s the ground.  Get to it.

Not many jobs are that direct.  But the ditch won’t get dug if you don’t do the work.


Do. The. Work.

“C’mon, Dave!” you say, maybe expecting a little more meat on the bone for today’s blog.

Don’t miss the simplicity of the directive, though.  Many of us would like to get by without doing the work…the practice, the studying, the time with a coach, the self-direction, the editing.  There’s just no substitute.

But yes, there is more…which is what I alluded to in the first line of today’s blog.

You can work hard to dig a ditch, but if the job was to really roof the house, then you’ve totally wasted your effort…no matter how deep and fine the ditch is.


Work smart.

How do you work smart?

YOU and only you have the answer to that.  I can’t tell you ’cause then you wouldn’t be working smart, you’d be working under my suggestion.  

Sure, there are some tried and true methods, but they’re tried and TIRED.  

What are you good at?  What are your special particular skills?  How do you best work?  What inside knowledge or talent do you have?

You will not discover the best way to find clients on my blog or on Facebook, or LinkedIn, or a popular podcast.

The best way to find clients for you comes from you.  Not from V123, not from your coach, not from your agent.

Successful voice actors did the work, and found a method that they devised themselves!…and it usually only works best for them.  First of all they aren’t going to share it with you, ’cause it’s THEIR idea, and second of all, it probably wouldn’t work for YOU.

They did the work!  They tried something new…something uniquely designed by them and for them.

Now, I’m not saying you have to reinvent the wheel…just put your own specially-designed hubcap on it.

Hey!…it’s better than digging ditches!





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