Take a good look into the camera. 
Feel uncomfortable?

Then, imagine that while looking at that camera you’re expected to say things that make perfect sense with correct grammar, the appropriate facial expressions, unwavering concentration, without feeling self-conscious, and maybe even do so with a little bit of attitude.  

Oh, and you must do it in one take.

Now do you feel a little challenged?

This has been my life for the last 37 years.  I’m probably more at ease talking to the camera than my friends.  Oh, wait, I’m supposed to pretend like the camera IS my friend while I’m talking.  I forgot to say that.

Forgive me.  I’m not trying to be prideful.  I just realized (duh)… my ship has come in!

Sure, I’ve been telling you on the pages of this blog for years that the reality of video — in almost all online transactions — was coming like a freight train.  My prediction is now in full flower.

In an article by Mark Yeager on the Convince and Convert website, 4 rock solid trends predicting the future of content marketing say it perfectly, and two or three things stood out to me like a sore thumb: 


  • Video content will continue to dominate.

  • Mobile First, or You’ll Be Last.

  • The smaller the screen, the larger the audience.

All this tells me two things:  Blogging is fine, and has sustained me for many years, but I’m thinking VLOGGING will have to be my focus going forward.

#2  I should be capitalizing on my expertise in the very medium that is hot Hot HOT right now!

There’s only one problem with “right now” at this particular moment.

I’m really not fit for public viewing.

One week ago, I had surgery on my eyelids.  No, it wasn’t cosmetic (altho it will alter my appearance).  I was actually losing peripheral vision when looking up.  To the right are pre- and 5-day post surgery pics.

I apologize if the pic is unbecoming.  One thing you learn about being on-camera is you’re not fooling anyone.  You have to genuinely come clean about anything obvious. 

So in this pic on the far right, I’m five days out of surgery, the stitches are still in, I’ve got some bruising, swelling, and you can see the glisten of the antibiotic ointment on my upper lids. 

Here’s one for you medical narrators.  I just had a bi-lateral upper blephoraplasty. 

Luckily, my TV masters were OK with me taking some family medical leave time to recoup.  So Vegas news viewers will not have to wince while watching.




Join me won’t you…in the future of online:  





P.S. Don’t EVEN try to tell me that you’re in audio, and video is not your bag.  Voice Actors will have to utilize video of some sort to succeed in marketing, social media…even email.  



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