VO Atlanta Live Rates Roundtable

by | Apr 5, 2017 | VO Business

World-Voices Organization’s Rates Roundtable series made a second live appearance at VO Atlanta this year.

The event founder — Gerald Griffith — is releasing the hour-long recording to us early, and WoVO is appreciative.

Along with my Co-host Anne Ganguzza, our panel was a blockbuster:

  • Cristina Milizia of GVAA
  • Paul Strikwerda of Nethervoice
  • Larry Hudson – LA-based Voice actor
  • Jeffrey Umberger, Atlanta-based talent agent

WoVO is retaining this video for WoVO members-only in keeping with the agreement made with Griffith (and as incentive to get you to join if you haven’t already!)

This RR was driven by audience questions, and there were plenty of good ones.  In that sense, the topic field for the hour was more of a “Rates 101”, than focusing-in on any one specific topic regarding rates.

If you are a member, you will find the video posted under the member area by clicking on rates in the drop-down menu. 

Or click here.  You’ll have to log-in with your membership credentials to gain access.

Hope you enjoy!




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