Right Before Our Eyes

by | Apr 12, 2017 | VO Business

Sometimes change happens in an instant.  September 11, 2001.

Mostly though, the big cultural changes happen right under our noses, silently, imperceptibly…over time.  The glacial pace of some change just doesn’t register on our consciousness unless one takes the time to look for the trends.  

Goodbye newspapers.  Hello Craigslist.  
Calculators replace slide rules.
Solar/wind/wave power overcomes coal-burning power plants.

I could go on.

So much of those changes are prompted by technology, and even then, the old paradigms are stubborn.  ISDN is so begrudgingly being replaced by IP solutions, that it’s almost scandalous.

The internet is at the heart of the world’s most recent and swift changes.  Internet disruptions are huge, transforming our voice acting business; bringing new opportunities faster than it replaces old ones.

But the cost?  An uncertain field of compensation…and the disappearance of reliable streams of reveue.  Radio went first.  Traditional Big-3 Network TV is next…already happening.  These institutions provide a mainstay of VO work.  That’s changing.  Take it from me.  I’m seeing it from the inside.  The changes are glaring.

Just read this remarkable post:  TV MAY ACTUALLY DIE SOON – STAY TUNED by Shelley Palmer.

In it, you’ll find out why F.A.N.G is replacing FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS.




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