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  1. ed waldorph

    BUH WUH WHA hahahahahahahahahah!

    I nearly died when you went into that impression. I call it the Millennial Whine. It started around the turn of the century when marketing gurus got it into their heads that the coveted 18-34 graphic no longer trusted the “Establishment Older Generation.” (Of course this has always been the case with all generations and it has always had an economic impact—at least as far back as there has been mass media. Remember the Zoot Suit and D.A. haircut?

    This begs the Chicken and Egg question: Did the market actually stop listening or the marketers need to justify their pay checks?

    Whatever the reason, things seem to be changing again. There will always be products that are sold through peer pressure and the “Whine” is not going completely away, but the stable, responsible, adult delivery is making a comeback—albeit a little softer, more comfortable—dare I say, conversational?

  2. David Beneke

    Clients often don’t know what they want until they hear it. Agencies go with the trend of the day. It seems that different generations, always have had different conversational styles as do regions. The quality of script has a great deal to do with what a voice actor can do with the read. It’s all very complicated, to the point where I believe we have to be ourselves, unless so directed by an actual director of the spot.

    You have a trained voice, actually very pleasant to the ear! I don’t think you have to change a thing. The jobs will certainly be there for your style of voice and delivery!


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