Making Room

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Ruminations

There’s an old saying that states you can’t accept new stuff if your hands are already full…too full to take in any more.

So…do you really want to be holding onto yesteryear’s goods, leaving no room for the good that today can bring?

Sunday, I attacked a particular stand of shelves in a corner of my garage that heretofore held the holy grail of years of computer hoarding: old DVD drives, coaxial cables, serial mouse cables, 3 1/2″ and 5 1/4″ floppy drives, magnetic tape backup contraptions, and all manner of keyboards that plug in…remember iO Disks?  Yep, them too.

I filled several boxes and two trash bags.


As I bagged the old stereo cables, I found myself wondering why I had coveted all of it for so long.

Later, I had a phone conversation with my web developer – -Brett Bumeter.  He’s  preparing a complete make-over of my website, including my blog…a blog, nearing 3,000 posts over 9 years.  Yeah, I started in 2008.  But all that content is actually dragging down the site.  Not only that, but in past years, I capriciously gleaned images willy-nilly, not paying attention to graphic ownership or copyrights.  Now, legal opportunists are making it fashionable to file lawsuits against you if you’re using something to which you have no rights.

All of which points to –again — releasing the old to make way for the new.  So now begins the tedious process of weeding through old posts and graphics to make room for more content and legal pictures.

Life can load you up that way.  

Voice acting can too.  

What old business practices, coaching tips, or social media schemes are you continuing to use…JUST BECAUSE you always have?…or because they’ve become so comfortable they shroud your objective view of what’s good for you and your business?

What gifts are you unable to accept because your hands are already too full?




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