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by | Feb 24, 2017 | Web Resources

Invoices, contracts, agreements, NDA’s, digital signatures — all that and more can be part of your business workflow on any given day.  Wouldn’t it be great to have one place where all those forms could be received/sent, generated, handled, integrated?


I know there are smartphone apps that handle some of this stuff.  DocSign.  PayPal.  Square.  But HelloSign puts it all together, and even works from within your Gmail/Google Drive account.  Three docs/month for free.  Unlimited for $13/mo (cheaper if you pay annually).  Or just go with the 30-day full-featured free trial to check it out.


Have I blogged this next one before?  Perhaps, but this is an updated list, and maybe has even more options.

21 Tools for Creating Engaging Images and Infographics

In this list, you’ll find the usual leaders in this category:  Canva.  PowerPoint.  Skitch. But then, there’s the other 18 offerings.  And you know how I feel about using images to your maximum advantage when posting on social media, blogs, even emails. It’s like the chocolate on your pillow in the hotel room.  Images (esp. video) just grabs your eye before text.  Text is work.  Images are candy.


Ok, this next one?…I want you to ignore the title, and go for the content.

7 Power Words & Phrases to Test in Your Facebook Ads

Not that these words and phrases aren’t useful in Facebook ads too, but the concepts and ideas are just as applicable to most any marketing ploy.  Threats.  Curiosity.  Shortcuts.  There’s real gold in this article for capturing attention with literary devices and human psychology that stands the test of time, digital or print.  Pay special attention to the poignant stories under each heading.

There ya go.  A little weekend reading for ya!




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