The DAW: Triumph of Eye Over Ear?

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Technology

PBS recently re-aired a special on the White House.  The staff, the history, the Oval Office, and more.  All manner of people who’ve had ANYTHING to do with the residence were interviewed.   You should try to see it.  No other one physical entity speaks of the power of this nation like the place at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

As we inaugurate a new President today — and putting aside partisan politics — I stand in awe of this country; all we’ve achieved and the promise of tomorrow.  We’re all  incredibly lucky to live here.


Now — on to voice-over.

At the end of the week, here, I want to direct you to an article that is quite frankly, kinda geeky (but not long, and very readable).  It’s written by Craig Anderton, an author and musician.

Anderton makes a point about today’s DAWs and how they’ve shifted the focus of evaluating audio production from the “ear” to the “eye”.

Don’t get lost in his verbiage and miss his point.  Spectral displays, phase meters, and dynamic ranges all let you SEE your audiofile.  Anderton reminds us that the human ear is still the ultimate arbiter of the sound that hits makes the grade





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