You Need a Palette

by | Dec 12, 2016 | VO Business, Voice Over Hardware/VO Software & other VO Tools

…but not just ANY palette.

Look, I know it’s only 13 days until Christmas, but if you tell your family TODAY, that you MUST have this…and that you really DIDN’T need that sweater…I’m sure they’ll understand (are you listening honey?).

The Palette is made for “creatives”…so photo editors, video editors, audio editors…Hey wait!…that’s voice-actors! 

You start with a “core” module that connects to your computer via USB.  The other elements (mix ‘n’ match!) come in the form of a slider, a button, or a dial.  As their site says:  “Assign multiple functions to any module. Switch between profiles & modify functions instantly, without ever leaving your workflow.”

Arrange the modules in any physical configuration that suits your editing habits.  Set up the functions with attending software, works with Windows or Mac, and most seamlessly works with Adobe products…so Adobe Audition fer shure.

As an example, Palette Gear includes a “starter kid” 1 core, 2 buttons, 1 dial, and 1 slider for $$199.

An “expert kit” includes 1 core, 2 buttons, 3 dials, and 2 sliders for $299.

I know.  Not cheap.

As an alternative, you might wanna consider the Shuttle Pro v2 by  $99.  I use this now, and it has been a time-saver.  Easy setup…lots of keys to assign to almost any kind of function.

Now just hope you’ve been nice, not naughty!







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