The Votes Are In….

by | Nov 8, 2016 | VO Business,


…and World-Voices Organization has two new board members!

They are familiar to most of you:

Liz de Nesneraliz



gettigAnthony Gettig


Both were approved by an overwhelming majority in a vote of the membership, and were nominated in the first place for a number of reasons, chief among them: their willingness to help, their reputation for honesty and hard work, and their track record within the voice-acting community.  Welcome Liz and Anthony!

In addition, Dan Lenard, Chris Mezzolesta, and Randy Kaye were all renewed in their terms to the board.

I know this is small potatoes compared to the monumentally huge issues at stake in today’s national elections… but in our own niche way, WoVO embodies many of the same democratic principles of our country, reflected in our intentions to “do the right thing” by our VO members…to hold the high ground, stand for best practices, advocate for our industry, and promote the VO community at large.

Now, be sure to go out and do the right thing today for the USA:





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