Dealing With “USAGE”: WoVO’s October Rates Roundtable

by | Oct 12, 2016 | VO Business

quality-goodsOne of our panelists on this month’s Rates Roundtable admitted later that when we started the session…he had no idea what “usage” meant.  I feel his pain.  Then when we got into it, he realized what we were talking about.

Usage is a world of arcane language, conflicting buyouts, and digital media streams.

“Usage” is something agents should be handled for their talent…buffering them from predatory and unscrupulous clients.  But independent freelance voice-actors enter a hazy, ever-changing netherworld of confusing verbiage when negotiating compensation on their own.

Add to that a shifting and developing marketplace of YouTube pre-rolls, internet radio, and creative exclusions, and talent may wonder if they need a lawyer to interpret a job offer.

…and don’t think you audiobook or eLearning narrators are exempt.  “Reading the fine print” is an absolutely necessity these days.  Being upfront and assertive in all your dealing with clients comes a close second.  Put it in print.

World-Voices Organization is here to help sort through this esoteric landscape of “usage”.  Wednesday I hosted an hour-long online forum with the considerable aid of my long-time co-host Anne Ganguzza.

The Rates Roundtable panel was:

  • Chicago-based talent agent Susie de Santiago
  • Charlotte, NC –  based voice talent and owner of Groundcrew Studios John Causby
  • The CW’s Senior Producer for On Air Promo – Harry Dunn
  • accomplished LA-based voice actor Nicole Fazio
  • Internationally-established Voice Actor Matt Cowlrick

The conversation ranged into a number of tangential areas regarding rates, unions, agents, exclusivity, digital streams and more.  If you don’t watch any of the other Rates Roundtables in the last year or more…be sure to watch this one!  (see video below)  Especially listen for what John Causby puts in his invoices.  Worth the time to listen to all of this hour-long recording.





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