Voodoo v. VO “Do’s”

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Ruminations

voodoodoll.jpgThe newest crop of VO hopefuls is encouraging to me.  You know… the people asking questions in online forums about how to get started and what equipment to buy.

Hopeful, because most of them seem to have actually done some research.  Many have lurked long enough to know the lingo, and ask intelligent questions.

Voice acting can be so esoteric.  So many untruths, half-truths, and misinformation out there.  Even those who have some jobs and successes under their belt seem to think the really big payoff is gonna be a cinch.  Maybe it is, but from what I’m seeing?…even the seasoned veterans are working hard and harder to maintain the success they’ve had.  One has to be agile in the marketplace, dogged in their prospecting, and persistent in honing their skills.

That’s why it surprises me when schemes come along that seem almost magical in their claims.  What professional success EVER comes easily?  Enjoying your accomplishments comes with actually DOING the hard work to become that pro.

Honestly, the magic in these pie-in-the-sky hustles seems almost Voodoo-like for all their “black-box” mystique.

THAT thought prompted a creative little Voodoo v. VO Do comparison.

You’ll probably find that my little chart below is irreverent, a stretch, kinda kooky (honestly), but there are some “bones” of truth therein if you decide to chance a look.

Basically it follows the trail of VO development from start to finish, and whether you want to depend on Voodoo to succeed, or just “do” the right things from the start.

Let me know what you think.



VO Do’s

Consulting the Oracle

I know! I’ll be a voice-actor Everybody tells me I have a great voice and I did some radio once.It’s so easy, and sacks of money will be delivered to my door.

Research, consider available financial resources, Google everything VO, ask questions, hang out in forums, talk to pros, and don’t quit your day job.


Yes, I want to stick pins in dolls

Tell significant other you’re gonna make millions, brag to your friends on FaceBook, practice your best Morgan Freeman imitation

Do business plan, begin making contacts in the business, read everything out loud, do NOT skip past commercials on DVR, and hang out in online VO



Finding the right Doll

Buy a hand-held mic on Amazon, use your iPhone earplugs,some K-mart speakers, and record in the bathroom

Go to Guitar Center and try out affordable mics till you find one that works for you. Get a decent set of medium-priced Sony or Sennheiser cans, and treat a corner of your office with Aurelex

Finding the right pins

Use YouTube, Vimeo, or Stickam to record your voice while sporting your new haircut ‘n’ shades

Download the latest version of Audacity or invest <$50 in any one of a dozen or more decent audio-editing software packages

Getting word out to the Tribe

Tweet endlessly about how great you are. Brag on FaceBook, make a fool of yourself on YouTube and MySpace

Make a few practiced cold-calls. Consider launching an e-mail campaign to logical leads. Maybe begin a blog or a newsletter

Getting inspiration from the great Spirit

You don’t need this step, ‘cause you’ve been imbued with God-given powers of articulation

Begin seeking coaching immediately. Never stop. Ask for critiques, go to conferences, attend seminars

Attaining Apprentice VooDoo Doc status

Repeat lines from video games as you play, and occasionally practice the announcer voice from auto dealer ads on TV

Read everything out loud, read for the blind, read for your friends, download online practice copy, work on mic technique, listen to others


Proving your Powers

Produce your own demo using kick-ass hip-hop tracks, and copy you stole off of V123. Include spot from Budweiser

Find a decent studio + coach + producer who is willing to walk you through a professional demo after considerable coaching



Choosing the right Loincloth

Grab a pic of a mic on Google images. Find a word that rhymes with voice. Colors: blue if you’re a guy, pink/purple for women.

Ask your friends to describe you In 3 words, decide on your niche and your best qualities. Find a tasteful way to represent that while getting out your message.



Seeking Victims

Join every subscription service and Pay-to-Play site based solely on the promises they make, and how good their website looks

Listen other’s advice, but find your own way by matching your best talents with the best opportunities. Curry relationships, plant seeds, be persistent.

Word of your Magic gets around because….

Well…you actually can’t depend on this, so you’re constantly searching for new suckers customers

You are professional, timely, and considerate. You produce consistently good work, & you follow-up and call back.



Your Divine Reputation is Sealed for all time

Mostly because you realize you never had the freelancing enterprising spirit to carry this off in the first place, and got a job as a Network Marketing “expert” instead.

You’re a person of your word.
You strive to always be better.
You give as much or more than you get.
You help and mentor others.
You take pride in your craft, your profession and your peers.




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