Redwoods and Rejuvenation

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Ramblings/Off-Topic

2016-08-18 12.07.41Since last Wednesday, I’ve been staying at a friend’s cabin North of San Fran in the coastal Redwood forest.  The comfortable but spartan cabin has no WiFi, and AT&T apparently doesn’t reach in between the tall Sequoia Sempervirens either.

How’d I do?  Surprisingly well.

Now, mind you, we would set aside 15 minutes around noon every day to drive about 1o minutes away to the top of a hill where I would check email.2016-08-20 12.29.42

That’s how I found out about a fairly important job that came my way (of course!…just leave your home studio to get work!)  Luckily I satisfied my client by recording in a small utility closet of the cabin among the folding chairs, garbage bags, and toilet paper on my trusty Zoom H6n.

2016-08-18 12.13.04But for the most part, I sat on the deck outside, watching trees sway in the wind, while pulling a blanket over me in the 40-50° temperatures every night.  Thankfully, my friend keeps a fireplace out on the deck, and plenty of firewood.

At just 6 miles from the coast, I also found the rhythms of the sea particularly palliative.2016-08-18 16.37.41

And of course, what good would it be to visit some exotic place without stopping by to say hello to a local voice actor?  Here’s me with Healdsburg, CA voice-actor and WoVO Treasurer Elizabeth Holmes and Fred Campbell, the guy who built her awesome double-walled isolation booth and the apple of her eye!

2016-08-19 15.13.24

Diversions like these are crucial to my sanity.

It’s not the rest (bed was pretty hard at the cabin), nor the friendships shared (although that certainly hits a sweet spot), but mostly the chance to break routine…the routine of too-familiar sights and actions.  You can really get in a rut doing what you normally do day-in-and-day-out.

It typically takes me a couple of days to get back in the groove — and whether that’s good or bad is immaterial.  The point is, I did it, and I hope you can break away to break monotony once in a while, too.  We Americans take our work WAAAY to seriously.  It’s what makes us go-getters.  I get that.  But seriously, once in a while, get out and stretch your legs, and rejuvenate your mind with some new vistas! 

‘Great for the soul!




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