HNM Pledge Working (Hoard No More)

by | Aug 11, 2016 | VO Business

make-a-changeRemember about a week ago, I made a promise to myself and you to stop mental hoarding?


Many of you wrote to tell me the article struck a nerve, and that my peek inside your brain was actually kinda unnerving.

Well, since then, how have you been doing?

I’m here to report that I’ve had good success.  Not 100%… but certainly an improvement.  So good, that I want to share the resources I’ve digested this week so that you may benefit too.  Remember, these are articles that I typically would’ve tucked away in an information holding tank somewhere with the promise (yeah, sure!) to read them later.  Instead, I just read them on-the-spot.  THEN saved them (heh).

All the links below will take you to online tips, tricks, and/or articles that I’m convinced you will find helpful with your VO business.   I know they did for me.

Have a great weekend!


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